Welcome to the Touch of Healing Booking Validation System for newly booked clients! From here you will be able to proceed with your booking by re-entering your provided details from earlier booking.


What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside of the Touch of Healing website?

You should never be asked to wire money using PayPal, Venmo, or other Cash App, or otherwise pay a massage therapist directly. If you are, there are easy ways to report it to us to ensure your information, finances, and identity are protected.

Reporting requests for payment outside of Healing Hands

If a Touch of Healing client or therapist asks you to pay off-site or through another company, report it to us at


You will never receive an invoice from Touch of Healing, in the form of paper, PDF or otherwise. If someone attempts to complete a transaction through any of these methods, please report it immediately: Western Union, MoneyGram, Xoom, Venmo, Paypal and any other cash transaction.

Types of Fraud
Underpayment Scam

If someone offers to pay or receive less than the given price for a Touch of Healing massage, it is no longer possible for Touch of Healing to guarantee secure payment since it is no longer considered a Touch of Healing appointment.

Advancement Scam

If someone offers to pay or receive payment for Touch of Healing massage outside the website, Touch of Healing can no longer guarantee the fulfillment of those appointments. You can buy Touch of Healing packages directly through the site and easily re-schedule with the same therapist.

With Touch of Healing, you’re connected to a behind-the-scenes team that is dedicated to providing you with a safe and relaxing experience from beginning to end. That’s why we always ask that you book and pay through the Touch of Healing website so we can do our best to ensure that your safety and information are always protected.